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Article: Financial planning and death: are we doing enough?

January 6, 2023
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Article: Financial planning and death: are we doing enough?

This article published by Money Management provides readers with an in-depth look into the importance of financial planning and death.

It states that only a small percentage of Australians have a will in place, and that only 7% of Australians have a funeral plan.
It also claims that only 6% of Australians have a power of attorney in place, and only 4% have an enduring guardianship.

These statistics demonstrate the need for Australians to plan for their death and ensure that their wishes are respected. Furthermore, the article provides an overview of the different types of financial planning that can be done, such as creating a will, getting life insurance, creating a trust, and naming a legal guardian for children. It also looks at some of the ways that financial planning can help with difficult decisions after a person's death, such as determining who will be the executor of their estate, or who will take care of their children.

Lastly, the website provides advice on how to create a financial plan and encourages readers to seek professional advice.

Readers should read this website in full if they are interested in learning more about financial planning and death, and how to ensure that their wishes are respected.

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