Defrauded claimant obtains summary judgment against wallet provider (England and Wales)

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The England and Wales High Court has granted summary judgment in the claimant's favour in Gary Jones v Persons Unknown (2022 EWHC 2543 Comm), regarding unidentified overseas criminals who transferred Jones' cryptocurrency assets to accounts they controlled. The order is served out of the jurisdiction and is binding on crypto-wallet provider Huobi Global, which held the relevant crypto-accounts as a constructive trustee. Similar orders were made in the unrelated case of LMN v Bitflyer (2022 EWHC 2954) and another important test case, Tulip Trading v Wladimir van der Laan, is being heard at the England and Wales Court of Appeal.

Original Sources:

CMS Law (Jones)
BAILII (Bitflyer)
Law Society Gazette (Tulip)

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